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800 High-Dividend Stocks.

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Resources For High-Dividend Investors.

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High Dividend Stock Ideas.

Harry Domash on Twitter.

Dividend Detective Highlights: Monthly D.D. executive summary sent via email.

Sample (Model) Portfolios: Too busy to research stocks on your own. Here are four ready-to-go seven-stock model portfolios, each targeting different investing goals. Here are recent returns.

What's Hot Now! 500+ highest-dividend stocks in 65 different categories tracked daily: 12-month, YTD and 1-month returns, plus trend scores, ex-div dates & optionable flags.  

Ex-Dividend Date Calendar  For dividend-capture players: all stocks going ex-dividend, next four weeks.

Dividend Monsters: 50 highest dividend-yield stocks

Monthly Monsters; 25 Highest Yielding Monthly Payers. 

Preferred MONSTERS: 50 highest yielding "investment quality" preferreds.

Big Dividend List,
800 high-dividend-yield stocks

Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) Directory: All known MLPs 

High-Dividend ETFs:  
All dividend-paying ETFs

High-Dividend Monthly Payers:

High-Dividend Stocks & Funds 

Real Estate Investment Trusts Directory: All publicly-traded REITs.

BDC Directory:

All publicly traded Business Development Companies (BDCs).

Closed-End Funds: 100 high dividend closed-end funds.

China Dividend Stocks  

News about Div Det picks and other matters

Basic Training for High-Dividend Investors

Preferred Stocks: Earn steady 6%-8% yields with low risk. .

CEF Growth Opportunities: 

High dividend Closed-End Funds in growth sectors.

Special Dividends: Ride the coat tails of insiders when they pay themselves big cash bonuses.

Monthly Paying  Closed-End Funds:  

High-Dividend Closed-End Funds paying monthly.

Special Dividend Archive: All investible specials since November 2009. Use it to predict special dividends in advance.

Industry Portfolios: Best high-dividend picks in these industries:

Manufacturing & Services, Banks. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), Business Development Companies (BDCs), Utilities, Insurance, Oil.

Corporate Bonds: 12 bonds to buy now

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Dividend Speculators When you want to throw caution to the winds.

Dividend News: Breaking news, continuously updated.

Foreign High-Dividend Stocks Trading here as ADRs

Risk Ratings Debt & dividend cut risk for followed stocks and funds.

Detective Tutorials

Dividend Basics

Current Market Conditions

What's Happening Now

Dividend Stock Basics

What you need to know to get started investing in high-dividend stocks.

Dividend Tax Considerations:

A rundown on dividend stock tax issues, including foreign tax withholding.

Dividend Stock Checklist:

A useful 7-step checklist for pinpointing the best dividend stock candidates.

Dividend Stock Glossary:

List of dividend stock terms

Preferred Stocks: About 

Dividend Dates Explained:


What's Hot Now!
12-month, year-to-date, and 1-month returns for 65 high-dividend categories.

Dividend Yield Monitor  

Yields you can expect to score in 65 different categories.

Dividend Stock Death List

High risk dividend stocks.

Detective Screens (free)

Pre-Run: Ready to Download

Bulletproof Stocks:

Stocks that won't go broke

Dividend Rockets:

Big dividends, strong charts, fast growth

Ready to Rocket:

High-dividends and improving fundamentals

Detective Tutorials


How to find & analyze dividend candidates

Find High-Dividend Property REITs.

Utility Preferreds: Safe High Dividends

Screen for Boring Utilities.

Pick the Best Hotel REITs.

Finding Preferred Stocks.

Find Natural Gas Pipeline MLPs.

Dividend Capture Strategies.

Why wait months to collect a dividend?

Master Limited Partnerships:

About Tax Considerations

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs):

About    Screen for REITs:

Business Development Cos. (BDCs): About

Closed-End Funds:

Better than mutual funds, Here's why.

Corporate Bonds:

Basics    About Bond Ratings

24 hour customer service:  LIVE CHAT, 866-632-1593 (toll free) or 661-621-9660 (direct)

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